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Teach them how to save the world

Akshar is on a mission to transform 100 government schools in 5 years

A paradigm shift in education

Akshar's revolutionary model radically improves the performance of government schools.

Akshar gives underprivileged students all the skills they need to build productive lives for themselves.

Here's how...

Teach them how to teach

Every student is a teacher

Akshar's model trains and employs older students as teachers for younger students.

Teens gain a strong work ethic and learn communication, finance, leadership and compassion, while earning enough money to stay in school.

Teach them how to learn

Students master technology

Akshar's model enables customized learning through technology: e-books, exercises, videos, lectures, documentaries and learning games. 

With daily coaching from older teens, young students gain access to the limitless learning resources available through tech. A teenager with a tablet is a powerful teacher. 

Teach them how to earn

Students learn practical skills

Inspired by Gandhi's Nai Talim education philosophy, Akshar's secondary curriculum balances vocational training with conventional academics. 

Akshar strives to develop teens' skills until they are in college, employed in a trade, or apprenticed: on the path to a fulfilling career

Teach them responsibility

Students learn conservation

Akshar's model teaches students to take responsibility for their surroundings and to strive to improve them. 

Students pay their "school fees" in the form of clean plastic waste from their homes and participate in the school Recycling Center while learning environmental science. 

Teach them how to care

Students learn to heal

In Akshar's secondary curriculum, students learn to address the local needs of their community, gaining knowledge and skills during the process of development.  

Students participate in the school animal shelter and older students learn to tend to the injuries of younger ones, as they train in biology, first aid, and disaster response. 

Teach them how to grow

Students learn development

Akshar's model teaches students to develop and beautify their community. 

The Akshar Landscaping Enterprise teaches students how to operate a financially viable business beautifying private and public spaces.

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